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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Research 'round Robin

In Ins. Drac. there be an order for courteous behaviour, called the Order of Robin, after its principal, the late Robin Bowman.

I am trying to research robins for this purpose (and also because the badge was returned for conflict, so text is all we have at this point). I have found this , but it tends to be corrupt: for example, you get an excerpt that makes sense right up until the point it apparently turns into Aramaic. (I was going to post an example, but it screwed up the formatting of the post bigtime.)

If anyone has access to EEBO and can look up "The Harmony of Birds" for me, and can send me any mentions of the robin from this text, I would be grateful.

In service,
Arianrhod o Gymru
Ins Drac Signet

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