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Thursday, March 01, 2012

Royal Manuscript exhibition

Having just seen this and been blown away I thought I'd share this. The cost of getting it at the BNL is 40- pounds so this is a significant savings.

Royal manuscripts catalogue


Ari said...

Is it worth getting? Are the manuscripts in the book not available via http://www.bl.uk/catalogues/illuminatedmanuscripts/searchMSNo.asp ? That and Vivarium are my main sources these days.

Merlyn said...

well personally I like having books so for me it was. I enjoy reading the text and descriptions and the quality of the images is really very good.( Though nothing like seeing the real thing)

I really like having books around to browse through and read up in. If all one wants are images and one can get them online then of course why bother buying a book at all? I couldn't say if they are all available online. There are 150 images in the book but I don't really have any desire to cross check.

So maybe for you it isn't worth it especially if you are concerned about costs and space and heavy books, which I certainly understand but for anyone who is interested in the catalogue of the exhibition, with all the explanations etc... buying it from Amazon in the UK saves money which was more why I posted the info.

Ari said...

Merlyn> Cheers. I'm trying to cut down on my book habit, simply because I have NO MORE SPACE--and it is a huge saving but still most of my food budget for a week, so if I can persuade myself I don't need a book, I honestly try to.

I might earmark it and see if it's still marked down when Xmas rolls around, though....

Thanks for replying.

Merlyn said...

There is also a paperback version and it too is less expensive on amazon. For those who don't want a hardback.