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Friday, April 20, 2012

Signatures and autographs

I'm looking to start a collection of images of signatures and autographs in medieval MSs -- of any kind (letters, charters, "I, soandso, wrote this", etc.). This includes things like sigils and witness markers. This is something which I'm finding is difficult to search for via google, since "signature" and "autograph" mean different things than they do standardly when in the context of manuscripts. So if anyone has any examples, knows any examples, or stumbles across any examples, I'm interested, please share!

-Aryanhwy (who needs to decide if she wants to put a mark, calligrpah her name in a nice font, or sign her name as in a letter for her scrolls).


Sara / Aryanhwy said...

I should note that I am collecting the examples here: http://www.ellipsis.cx/~liana/candi/signatures.html, and that I've got a number of 16th C English monarch's signatures already, just need to add them.

Ari said...

Norroy et al sign their titles on all the GoAs I've seen, in an idiosyncratic script (i.e., not "handwriting" as per Eliz I, and not a hand that matches the grant itself)

I don't know if I have any examples....