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Monday, April 02, 2012

Sun and Chalice

I can happily post this picture, now that Mistress Melisende has her scroll in hand: it was read into court in her home group in Flintheath in December, but we only had opportunity to present it to her a couple of weeks ago.

The illumination is by Lady Agatha, I did the calligraphy, and the text is Master Robert's. Original is in Fitzwilliam Museum in cambridge: Pabenham-Clifford hours (MS 242) (4th item on the page).

I've long avoided trying the very crisp Gothic hand - I struggle to get the two diamonds in upright letters to run parallel. Here, I relied on the smaller text in the original being just a bit cursive, to excuse my curvy 'feet' and descenders.

No picture, though, does justice to Agatha's artwork.

For some reason, my scan cropped the white borders, but the scroll does have broad white borders which balance the illumination.


Ari said...

I think the cropping is just something scanners do--the few times I've tried, it has happened; and Lady Margaretha has the same thing happen every time she scans something as well.

I'm too much of a Luddite to know how to compensate...

Ava said...

lovely scroll!