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Saturday, June 09, 2012

Exemplar text from the British Library

Essentially period GoAs are modular and can be mixed and matched.  Usually (except in one interesting instance) the awards are by heralds, but you can just substitute king and queen for the king of arms. 

I was going to post a link to many 15th century GoA texts, but the page seems to have been infected by something and my firewall won't let me load it.

If there's interest, I can post other exemplars on the dragon_scribes group.  Let me know!

In service,
Arianrhod Signet

Edited to add:  The post page is new, and I can't figure how to put tags on this post!

BL Add 37687C:
To all maner men and most [especial] to al nobles gentilmen and gentilwomen thiys presents herynge of seyng humble recomendaciun by me Yrlande kyng of armes and helth in or lorde eulastyng for so myche as maistir Thomas Barow clerk hath many yerys vertuusly and trewly contened in the seruis of the highte[] and myghty prynce rycharde the duce of glocestre whos wertws abylite . . . hath desarowed the perfeccione of gret honore and Wurshipe.  I therefor the forsaid yrlande kyng of armes in consideraciune of the promissis and in acoyragyage also of the sam maistir thomas to the continuance of hys said wertuus disposicyun with more honor  and wurschipe dewise and orden armes and conysance for the sam maistir thomas and to hym ande to his hers by thiys presentis give the sam armes to ber and vse in al maner places and aswel in Wear ase in peauxe.  In peace the armes to hym bi me dewised and gewen bi thiys that is to say a schodjune [schochune?] of sabil a row of sylver in his kynd a barr of gold in the chef too flour delyse of the sam.  The wych blasun and armes I the forsaid yrlande lynge of armes wittnes thus born belong to no odr perssun within the realme of ynglang wych armes and cousayns i the forsaid yrlande kynge of armes giwe and grant by thiys presentis vnto the abowe wryttun maistir thomas barow and hys heres to haue use hald ber and enyoye wythe his liberte and at his pleasur wtout let (?) or impedyment of any persunn or persuns forevermor.  In wittnes of the wych I the forsaide kynge of armes do wrytt  thys presentis ande sett to the sam the seal of my armes and sygned them wt my sygn manual the sext day of Januare the sextene yer of the regne of kyng Edward the forth.

(( I was unable to determine the exact spelling of what is clearly escutcheon.))

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