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Monday, July 16, 2012


So we have a kingdom Webpage(s) and they can be updated, changed, added to etc...

Drachenwald signet page

My question is ( are) what would you, as scribes, like to see there?
What do we need the most?
What's missing?
How can I make this better and more user friendly?

So I'm looking for your suggestions on how we can vastly improve the space we have on the Kingdom site.  Put on your thinking caps and let me know! Either by email or in the comments.



Sara / Aryanhwy said...

The thing I didn't get to doing during my tenure was expanding the list of example scroll texts. I can forward you the ones that I have that I didn't get added, if you like.

Trinite Ducalon said...

Boy. Looking at this with newby eyes it really is rather daunting. A whole lot of do's and don'ts but not much that shows the joy of the thing or how nice we scribes really are. What about a link to this blog, or perhaps a list of volunteer "local" scribes in different areas willing to be contacted and act as emissaries?

Genevieve la flechiere said...

Trinite has a point: this text is aimed at scribes who already know the skills, and need to pick their materials.

If you're writing for a complete newcomer, that's a different audience.

I wrote an article about scribing for the Baelfyr, that is now the text for the 'scribes guild' page for Thamesreach. It's too long, but is aimed to explain what a scroll is and why you too can scribe!


The page might need some more of this, and designate 'experienced scribes start here' intro.

Merlyn said...

keep the ideas coming!