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Sunday, August 26, 2012

three recent scrolls

Panache for Alaric. Hard to do a scroll when the inspiration for the standard of work that hangs on my wall comes from his wife. I went with something uncomplicated and elegant. It's shiny and pretty without being too girly ( I hope)

For the first time ever doing a scroll that was not a kingdom award. It was a little jarring and also funny to realise I didn't have any text or context for the award. Both the Ffraid scrolls were going to scribes so I kind of went all out (that and I just like gold). I had a lot of time so it was easier to try out more complex images that had more painting. I really like doing stuff like this but I still struggle with acanthus leaves. I would have tooled the gold but the humidity was too high in the house and the gold would have not co-operated.

This is the second Ffraid scroll and I had a hell of a time with the folds on the fabric. Thanks to Trinite, who really saved this one for her help in working through the problem, thank the maker for the modern world of scanners and internet access. From a scroll I wanted to tear up and burn it turned into one of my favourites.

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Ari said...

Beautiful stuff!