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Saturday, September 01, 2012

Genevieve's Pelican scroll

As always, a photo does not do this beautiful work justice.

Meisterin Kathryn Hebenstreitz offered to do the illumination for this scroll, and asked what style I'd like - and I said, 'do what you enjoy, go nuts, really'. So she did.

Lady Lyonet de Covenham did the calligraphy, on site - pushing the boundaries of even experienced combat scribal work. Nothing like a deadline!

My lord Robert de Canterbury supplied the wording, and Lyonet Sanzmerci read it into court at Raglan ffair.

Courtesy of Viscountess Ursula, there's also a pic of Lyonet reading it into court, so you have a sense of scale (A3).
We're blessed with extraordinary artists in this kingdom.


Ari said...

What I liked most was the Luttrell cat who crept into the corner :)

Merlyn said...

Wonderful work :)

Everild Wolfden said...

Wow, that is incredible!

Angela said...

this is very beautiful, well done all of you and well deserved