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Sunday, October 21, 2012

One scroll from Crown Tourney!

Fun little scroll I did for Crown Tournament based on the Triumphant Return of Maximillian the First. 

Reads: Paul the First, by grace of god king of Drachenwald, bright son of Albion and likewise Aryanhwy I our queen to all unto whom these letters patent shall come, peace, love and greetings.  As we celebrate the naming of our heirs,we do joyfully invest this man Barobrand Hissgant as a Baron of the Court on account of the great fame his valor renown and prowess hath brought and of the virtures he has long shown. In accordance with his rank he may style himself a coronet which is best suited to his person so that all might see the esteem in which we hold him. This document validates by this the date 6 October of the year 47 and by the character of the royal name signed below.

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Apollonia said...

Wow, I love the dress(?) of your horse. (I might have to cover my keyboard in case I start drooling)