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Monday, October 08, 2012

The scroll texts

 Lief's knighting scroll text by Lord Dubhghall MacÉibhearáird


Long time ago in a kingdom far far away an order was born to guard the peace and justice of the land, to serve and counsel her rulers the King and the Queen, to serve all those in need. This was the first of the orders of our Society, the Order of Chivalry founded on the second year of the Society after the great May Tourney of St. Diane of the Lists.

Concerning this order do we Paul and Aryanwhy, Most Just and Draconian King and Queen of Drachenwald, liege lords to the Princes of Nordmark and Insulae Draconis as well as the Barons of Knight's Crossing and Aarnimetsä, rulers of all the lands from the glaciers of Klakavirki to the southern seas by Adamastor, to all people to whom these presents shall come, greet and share these thoughts

We have you know that the Companions of Chivalry are expected to always have been obedient to the letter and spirit of the governing documents of our Society as well as having respected their Crown all through the reigns they might have seen. They shall have set an example of courteous and noble behaviour suitable to a peer of the realm and never wavered from by all their power and might supporting the ideals and cause of our Society. They have generously shared of their knowledge and skills, practised hospitality to the best of their means and in all manner taken their own the study and practice of that what makes court a place peace and wisdom.

In becoming Knights and Companions of Chivalry they have accepted and embraced further duties they must not stray from. These duties are setting the very example of courtesy and chivalrous conduct on and off the field of honour, to never show but respect for the Crown. To be bastion of support for the laws of the Kingdom and Corpora. To share their wisdom and skills by teaching them to such willing they may find on their journeys, however far these may them take. They must guard and keep the peace by supporting the Crown. A Knight shall furthermore own the Crown counsel on advancement of students to the Order. They have the duty of domnei and the dedications thereof. Finally it is also a duty of a knight to bestow the accolade upon a candidate for the Order of Knighthood, as the sole right of Sovereign or acting directly for him, for only a Knight can create a Knight.

Now to this Order, the oldest of orders, the order of Chivalry do we wish to invite and bring that

Lief Wolfssone

And of this our will we say to him, to our Knights of Chivalry and all of our good servants and loyal subjects this. The Trials of Chivalry are not easy, many try and fail only a few mastering them and finding their way to the Order and her circle of swords. All knights are judged in a many years taking trial of skill and courage for their prowess and resolve, if they truly are worthy to take arms in the ranks of chivalry. Lief's trials in these have been numerous beyond counting and so has the number of our knights who have had the privilege of finding him worthy been great as well.

All knights are judged in the trials of spirit and wisdom for their courtesy, justice and magnanimity, do they gracefully serve the peace and the needy of the lands as a true knight should, do they seek and gift the learning and skills. Lief's trials in these have been numerous and long and on this very night of this deed of ours, many of the Companions of the Laurel and Rose as well as those of the more ordinary ranks of our people have given witness to his worth in these. Finally must all knights be judged in the trial of insight, do they by loyalty and largesse serve and maintain this, our Society. In countless occasions has Lief prevailed in these trials most crucial to a true knight of chivalry.

By his deeds, testimony of our servants and own eyes are we convinced that indeed has Lief prevailed in all his trials and thus do we by our especial grace, certaine science and mere motion now bring and elevate him to this our circle of swords, our Order of Chivalry and create him Knight of the said order from now on to be known as Sir Lief, Servant of Chivalry. By these letters we charge him to hold the ideals and duties of a knight of Chivalry close to his heart and all our other servants to receive and respect him as such, a Peer of the Land and a true Knight.

So done by our own hand and royal will, on this 6th eve of October, in the grand tournament of 21 for 40th Crown of the Albion, held in this Barony of Knight's Crossing.
Paul, King, Aryanwhy Queen

Gottfried's Laurel text by Baron Agilmar

Allen sei Kund und zu wissen / Edlen & Gemeinen Untertanen
gleichermaßen: Wir, Paul de Gorey & Aryanhwy merch Catmael, König &
Königin von Drachenwald / unter unserem Zepter die Eiswüsten
Hyperboreas, item die Diamantfelder von Adamastor, item Samarkand & die
Säulen des Herkules und jenseits davon &c &c / wollen wie es wohl tradiert
ist diejenigen in Unserer Huld ästimieren, welche sich um Unser Königreich
Verdienste erworben. Vorzüglich unter jenen ist alldieweil Gottfried
Kilianus, welcher ein Regiment Landsknechte zu Trutz & Wehr des Reiches
aushub, ausbildete & unverwandt unterhält / selbiges in Zucht & Disziplin
& nach aller Doktrin der Kriegskunst konduktiert & ihm ziemliche Montur &
manch Gelegenheit zum Plündern verschafft / worin Wir ihn allenthalben
wacker, beständig, scharfsinnig & meist wohlgeraten fanden. Fürderhin er
Uns als tüchtiger Statthalter gedient allhie im Frieden / & mit Spieß und
Rapier wie als Feldscher im Krieg. Darob Wir ihn nunmehr zum Mitglied des
Ordens des Lorbeers*) erheben & ihn mit allen Insignien, Privilegien &
Pfründen investieren wollen, welcher er habhaft bleiben soll, nun &

Hiervon geben Wir, Paul und Aryanwhy, mit unserem Zeichen Zeugnis am
sechsten Tag des Oktobers im neunundvierzigsten Jahre der Gesellschaft zur
Baronie Rittersfurt.**)


Anonymous said...

I am curious, in Kingdoms like this one, where the text of the scroll varies from one to the next, does the scribe get approval from the Crown for the words they have chosen before setting pen to parchment? If not, has there ever been an occasion when the Crown refused to sign the scroll because they didn't like the wording? (Can you tell I grew up in a Kingdom where the award text never, ever changes?)

Merlyn said...

To the best of my Knowledge this hasn't happened but there are lots of gaps in my knowledge. For as long as I have been in this kingdom and worked as Signet I've never had a scroll refused due to text, I have had scrolls refused due to quality issues.

We have a set of basic, somewhat boring texts we used for a really longtime but as far as I know it was never mandatory. Last time I was signet I made certain that there were no "rules" in place for that so that people could generate their own texts as many people wanted to head towards a more period text for the scrolls they were doing and it was wonderful to see what the scribes and wordsmiths did with that freedom.

The only time there was ever a sticky point was in one of the versions of the panache text where they rejected the use of the word elevate as it was something you did for a peer, and requested tat word be changed out with make / add or something similar. We create companions of the panache we don't elevate them.

Some scribes will ask the Signet for the okay to use a new text but generally most established scribes / wordsmiths don't need to. Since the push in this kingdom is so great towards bettering the texts and fitting the scrolls to the person getting them more perfectly and often that means using a different language I didn't and still don't think it necessary. It's been my experience as Signet and scribe that for the most part as long as the scroll quality fits the award and the scroll arrives on time, scribes have the freedom to do as they please.

Having fewer restrictions in this case allows for much greater artistic freedoms. There are restrictions on materials because crayons and acrylics are not at all period, neither are felt tip markers and any scroll ( unless it was an exception for a specific person) would be returned. There used to be a guideline on the Kingdom Signet site, I'll have to see if I can find it again.