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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Text for Lia's scroll

Here is the text for Lia's scroll:

To all true and noble people thies presentes lettres Reading, Hearing or Seeing: Paul, kyng of Drachenwald and master of the Ordre of the Laurel, and Aryanhwy, quene and patroness of the arts and sciences, sende dew recomendacyon and gretyng as it apperteyneth to all. For so moche as we understond ffor certeyn that every person of crafte and skill within the kyngdomes lands who stody, devyse and Inmagyne with theyre besy curys and undelayd devoyres and delegencys and suche personys namely as be lynyally descendyd ffrom noble blode compellyd therunto by verry course of nature the most convenyent and most honowrable weyes and meanys to them possyble ffor to exalte and prefferre theyr Craftes and Fraternyteys to honeur and noble and to as excellent laude and Recomendacyon as by theyr mendys canne be thought or contryvyd to thentent that eny persone entryng or comyng into their Craftes and Fraternytes beryng of theyr sadde and laudable vertuoux and comendable disposiscyons and opynyons shuld Rather enforce and aplye themselfe effectuelly with all possyble delyngce towardes the maytenance and supportacyon and longe contenewaunce of the same to the laude and prersyng of God, thenour of the sovereynge lord of this Realme aforsaid and of the sayd Crafte and fraternyte. Amonge whom, we, the sayd kyng and queen note and Apoynte at this tyme specyally the good, sadde, worshypfull and well dessposyd persone, that is to say the Honorable Lady Lia de Thornegge, Clothier, Scribe, Broiderer, and mistress of many divers arts for the tyme beyng and henceforth to eternity a member of the auncient and honourable Order of the Laurel. We, the sayd kyng and quene, for the tendre zele and inward affeccyon that we bere toward her ladyship, for the presservyng and encresse therof to her honour have yeven and granted unto her by letters patent the Armeys hereaffter Folowyng as in the mergene depykt more pleynly apperyth: that is to saye she bere per pall inverted sable, vert and sylvere, thre seeblätter inverted silvere, silvere, and sable: the Crest upon the helme bearing a wrethe of lauriel leaues: which armys by thactoryte and poure of the College of Arms annexed and attrybutyed, we, the sayd kyng and quein have ordeyned to and for the said Lady to her that now and herafter shalbe in synge and token of vertu, ffor evermore to have and to hold, occupy and Reioyce withoute any Inpedyment, Interupcion, lette or enpechement by vertue of our sayd patent for evermore. In wytnesse wherof we, the sayd kyng and quein to thies presentes synged with our hands have putte our selle of auctoryte yovyn at Unikankare the x day of November in the vthe monthe of oure reigne.

It is based on the Grant of Arms to the London Company of Weavers, at the bottom of http://verysleepy.itgo.com/grants.htm.

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Melisende Fitzwalter said...

It was so great to be able to make the text the central focus and attraction of a scroll, for a change!