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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Handling gold

As part of Lady Kerttu's 30-day challenge, I'm working on improving my gilding, ideally with the 'good stuff' - reall gesso, and loose gold.

After struggling to handle loose gold, and losing a certain amount to its tendency to ball up into nothing on a whim, I realised I was missing some technique. It's a pretty refined skill.

So I spent one day of my challenge on looking up examples of people handling loose gold. It appears that most (not all) manuscript gilders who post to YouTube prefer to use transfer gold; but those who gild wood, leather and motorcycle tankss (!) are happy to post films on their skills.

The link goes to my LiveJournal, where I've put together the best of what I found on YouTube. If you have favourite footage of people handling loose gold for gilding, please let me know where to find it. I'm tracking my challenge with the tag 30day.

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