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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

only tangentially scribal...

But I thought people might enjoy it.

Ari, in a previous post gave the text of the Dragon's Bowle scroll for Genevieve and Robert (as I said when we gave it, I want to be them when I grow up. Unfortunately, Joel has reminded me that I will never be as tall as Robert). This lovely poem was adapted from a skeleton that I had sent her, and for people's amusement, I thought I'd post the original.

This was written New Year's Eve, during which Joel and I were manfully (womanfully?) doing our best to reduce the number of open alcohol bottles that had to be moved to Germany, and a few days into dealing with a horrendously jet-lagged little baby. We were sitting in front of the fire, and every line or so I'd ask Joel for a rhyme or a synonym and he uniformly produced something snarky, sarcastic, or inappropriate.

Thank goodness for evil twins with much greater poetic ability!

Rede ye now the wyse and wonderful words
of Paul and Aryanhwy, Drachenwaldish kings
A praiseworthy life values virtue above swords,
And a life pure and clene .... sings 
       [I knew I needed a word here but didn't know what, hence the ellipses]
To commit no vice, to have good grace, redie wit
To be meet and seemly in garb and in speech
To stand as witness to others of all that is fit
And teaching and enriching all in their reach,
To dance and to play, to serve and to lead.
Before us stand the best and the brightest
Who have set themselves above the rest by deed
By word, by dress, by kenning of all things blest.
Now from our hands the bowle of the Dragon take
Genevieve la flechiere and Robert of Canterbury
As witness of our esteem and for our own sake
So done we this day, the fourth day of January
The eve of 12th Night, anno societatis forty-three
Signed by our hands in Lyndhurst, by Burley.

See, isn't the end product much nicer? :) I luckily realized once I hit college that I was no poet.

And here's the scroll, which was done on perhaps the awesomest blank that I have ever received, by Mærith aff Weselax:

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