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Thursday, June 27, 2013


One of my favourite styles, despite what I've been posting here, is bestiaries (ca 13th c for the most part).  So I took a break from late-period stuff for Thorvaldr's Sigillum Regis, and decided for it to do something belligerent.  (Although the horse looks like it's the fiercer of the two--the gryphon is much more WTF?!)

Ignore the calligraphy--it isn't great, as I rarely use that hand and Gothic has permeated it.  I'm just quite pleased with the beastie.  It's Harley 4751, iirc, if you want to go look.

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Bone-needle Arts and Crafts said...

Oh,I am painting that same image xD I started that scoll like 10yrs ago tho ;) (and I am sure it wont look as good...when i finish it)