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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

scriptorium at 20 years

As many of you know there was supposed to be a dedicated scriptorium room for the scribes at 20 years. We were supposed to have this room alone for the scribes for the entire event but as some of you know that didn't happen.

I want to apologise to all the scribes who came to work in the room and found themselves moved or shut out due to the rose party on Thursday (and had I been there when that happened I assure it would not have), then because people kept wanting to come and remove all the tables and chairs pretty well all day on Saturday. The room was supposed to be ours and it wasn't and as some of you mentioned to me this made you ( the scribes there) feel a lot like 2nd class citizens, unimportant and not wanted.

Let me tell you this is not the case as far as I am concerned you are among THE most important people in the kingdom and I will do my damnedest to make sure crap like this doesn't happen again but I am really sorry it did.

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