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Friday, September 27, 2013

Knight vs Snail, the battle continues

I know I've mentioned it before - the British Library Medieval Manuscripts blog. But it's because they keep putting together super posts about their collection.

This week, it's knight vs snail - the motif that appears so often in 'high' medieval manuscripts.

I'm fond of snails in manuscripts - I even painted a couple at the foot of our pavilion - and this is a nice review of the motif, and what it might 'mean'.

Other treasures now online include the Luttrell Psalter. Now everyone can see the range of just plain weird hybrids that occur through the book, particularly in the second half.

One way I'm getting a 'dose' of medieval most days is through the British Library Medieval Twitter @BLMedieval. You don't have to contribute to read it, and there's clearly plenty of people out there who enjoy the beauty, the silliness, the puzzle and the charm of manuscripts as absorbing as I do. Example:

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