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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

admin stuff

Hiyas all you awesome scribes ...it's that time again so some admin stuff.

1: the dragon scribes wiki has been removed. No one was really using it so it because a host for spammers. We've taken it off our domain. Thanks to everyone who did participate it seemed like a good idea at the time.

2: If you are new to the blog and the world of Dragon Scribes and want to be a scribe for the kingdom you must first get in touch with the Signet Clerk(s).  There are 6 signet clerks in drachenwald, 1 Kingdom Signet, 2 Principality signets and 3Baronial signets. Everyone is welcome to do work for the kingdom but we do have a certain standard for the scrolls we give out so if you are a 1st time scribe please send a short bio and some images of your work to  signet@drachenwald.sca.org . 

All Kingdom level scrolls are assigned through the office of the Signet clerk only and this includes backlogs. If you see a backlog scroll you'd like to do then please contact the signet at the above email address.

For people interested in doing only Principality or baronial work please contact your local signet.

3: As many of you may know, thanks to our wonderful Posthorn, Garsiyya, we now
have the ability to add and show the assigned scroll's scribe's name on
the backlog list online.

This will hopefully help the years of messy backlog records and make it
easier for people to see who has the assignment and also for the scribes
to remember what assignments they have taken on ( we do forget it's a
hazard that happens)

I am trying to clean the list up and get it as accurate and up to date as
I can so it would be great if everyone could check the op and see if they
have assigned scrolls on their to do list and get back to me if there are
any problems or inaccuracies.

Here are the following names of scribes I do not know who have assignments
and scrolls that have been assigned but I don't know who the scribe is.
Please get back to me with your full SCA name, your current email address
and the status of the scroll you have been assigned.**This is important:
Please clearly mark your email with the word *Backlog scrolls 2013* in the
subject line. 


There are also a bunch of scrolls listed as waiting for signature. At the
current moment I have no up to date info on these but am working on it.

*IMPORTANT* If I have not heard from people about the scroll assignments
in question by January 1st 2014 I will be putting them back on the waiting
to be assigned list.  Some of the scribes are unknown to me and I have no
contact information for them or there have been no replies to my queries
about the  assignments and the scrolls have been assigned for at least 3

Earnferth of Streansalch    
Award of Arms    
Elffin and Vanna    
Assigned     Stephanie ( no last name no contact info)

Helen of Northumbria    
Award of Arms    
Matthew and Anna    
Assigned     Rhianwen ( no last name no contact info)

Duarte Goncalves de Montel    
Dragon´s Steel    
Vitus and Eleanora    
Assigned     Ysabella-Maria Vasquez de Granada ( no reply to email)

Ivana zhena Nataliia    
Matthew and Anna    
Assigned     Margarite  ( no last name no contact info)

Katharina von der Waldwiese    
Sigillum Principessa    
Assigned     Giovanna Lisabetta Ferri  (Ferri Sweanson??) No contact info

Award of Arms    
Michael and Moira    
Assigned     unknown (no name no contact info)

Stefan von der Heide    
Panache     1994-06-18    
Wlfric and Eira    
Assigned     Ferri Svensson  (could also be Giovanna Lisabetta Ferri no
contact information)

Please forward this email to anyone you think might be interested.

Thank you
Bridget - Signet Clerk.

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