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Monday, December 16, 2013

For future reference

I recently came across these citations which likely have useful material for cribbing for scroll texts. Since I don't have time to track them down yet, and others may also find them interesting, I'm posting them here:

  • A Collection of Miscellaneous Grants, Crests, Confirmations, Augmentations, and Exemplifications of Arms, part 2, ed. W. A. Littledale, Hrl. Soc. 77 (1926). (and probably also part 1!)
  • J. Nicholl, Some Account of the Worshipful Company of Ironmongers (1851), which includes the text of their grant.
  • The Annals of the Barber-Surgeons of London, ed. S. Young (1890), which also includes the text of their grant.

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Genevieve la flechiere said...

Two outta three ain't bad: Archive.org comes through on the oldest items.

Some account of the worshipful Company of ironmongers

The annals of the barber-surgeons of London