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Monday, February 24, 2014

A Story of an AoA

We often show and tell about our personal masterpieces, like Peerage scrolls, but this time I’d like to tell you story about one little and simple AoA scroll, because… yes story itself behind the said scroll.
The story starts last summer at Cudgel war, where a fine young maiden named Anneke won an archery competition, or one part of it and received a small scroll for it. It is just a simple rectangle divided in three parts, one of them with the text, one with the initial and one of them is empty. Anneke asked me at St Dies Anna if I could paint a picture of something archery-related to the empty square (as I had made the scroll) and I said yes of course, just give it to me at some event.

Forward to January about a month ago. Anneke is besides a good archer one of those people who does unwanted and often unnoticed duties at events, like kitchen cleaning, helps where needed without fussing about it and in general has really become one of Aarnimetsians and Scadians in those about three years she has been a member of the society. So when someone asked if they would make a recommendation of Award of Arms for her, could they propose me as a scribe I very gladly agreed. So when I got to know she would indeed get the AoA, I started the normal pondering of the scroll and thought it would be nice to have something about archery in its illumination.

Then I almost got a heart attack! Anneke contacted me and said she had found nice picture of Medieval lady with a bow and an arrow. I thought who the h*** had told her she would get an AoA! And I almost asked it from her, but fortunately I then remembered the older scroll and my by then half forgotten promise and realized she was talking about it. So I asked about the picture, said thanks – and used it as an inspiration for her AoA scroll.

It was so fun to be a lady-in-waiting of our Baron and Baroness at the court of Midwinter Feast last weekend and see quite closely when King and Queen gave her the scroll and she realized what I had done! Talk about fighters, being a scribe can also be quite exiting sometimes.

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Merlyn said...

Thank you for sharing, it's always so great to hear the behind the scenes stories about the scrolls!! And the scroll is beautiful.