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Monday, December 01, 2014

AoA for Sela de la Rosa

A favourite style, with new touches

This is an AoA given this past weekend at Insulae Draconis Coronet tourney.

I've done several scrolls modelled on the same manuscript, a copy of Chaucer's translation of Roman de la Rose Hunter 409, at UGlasgow.

I love it because it is mostly calligraphy, the illumination is very light, and there's lots of white space.

Example of original, f 19:
Manuscript - full page

For this scroll, I used a quill throughout for the calligraphy. The quill softened a bit through the work, so the lettering isn't as crisp at the bottom as at the top.

I also gilded the initials rather than using gold gouache.  I'm (still) using a modern gesso, so it is not mirror-polished as it should be, but it held up well.

I'm more comfortable handling gold than I was when I started using this MS as an example; it doesn't scare me anymore.

The grubbiness in the image is from the scanner, not the scroll!

I'm also happy with the whitework and penwork: saving it til the morning, and doing it before my coffee, really does make a difference.

Here's the text of the scroll, based on one of my favourite sources, Castiglione's book of the courtier: his appendix includes a list of virtues in a courtier and in a waiting gentlewoman, explaining what a literate Renaissance man thought were important character traits. In the text, letter Y stands in for the 'thorn' letter.

From ye prince and princess to whom these presents show God grant you good health & peace be upon you.  
Having heard ye goodly reports of ye gentlewoman Sela de la Rosa, to wit – being well born, of a good house and wel brought up, having the vertues of the minde, being learned and havinge a sweetenesse in language and a good uttrance to entertein all kinde of men with communicacion woorth the hearing, devisinge verses and poesie to the joy of the companie, she apparail herself so in meete garmentes that best become her of some darkish and sad colour, not garish. 
In our sight she hath made her self beloved for her desertes, amiablenesse, and good grace, not with anie uncomelie or dishonest behaviour, or flickeringe enticement with wanton lookes, but with vertue and honest condicions.  
Therefore that alle these facions, skills & virtues may be commune to a greate many we Nasr and Eleanor, prince & princess of Insulae Draconis, do award her armes with Alle rights and priveleges, etc.  
Done this xxix day of Novembre AS XLIX at Yuletide University.

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