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Thursday, December 04, 2014

More Romanesque inspiration

I can always rely on 12th century manuscripts to lift my spirits and make me say, 'Yes, that's what I want my work to look like'.

Recent AoA given at Coronet tourney in Insulae Draconis:

The original is part of Arundel 91, one of my go-to sources.

The original is f.145.

I'm still searching for The Perfect Red(tm); the red that matches the red in the manuscript, which is bright without being vermilion, and is slightly translucent.

I've shopped around...and am still trying to find my perfect match.

It was these recent AoAs that prompted me to ask if scribes would be happy filling in armory and blazons in existing scrolls, and the response so far is overwhelmingly yes. I'm heartily glad of it.


BE IT KNOWN that We, Leif and Morrigan King and Queen of Drachenwald, finding Ourselves in receipt of good reports on the work of Our noble servant
Mícheál of Dun in Mara

concerning his service at shire events, his work in our kitchens, and his commitment to the defense of our lands, do award him Arms.

In witness whereof We have set our hand this 29th day of November, Anno Societatis XLIX  in the second year of our reign, at Insulae Draconis tournament of succession and Yuletide University.



Sara / Aryanhwy said...

Ooooh, that is lovely! And very similar in style the one I picked for Ari Mala's Lindquistringes: http://scriptura-et-pictura.blogspot.de/2014/11/lindquistringes-for-arianhwy-wen.html

Merlyn said...

Oh Genevieve, this is quite exquisite! I especially love the calligraphy which is to die for! Well done you!

Angela said...

Beautiful piece of art, thanks for sharing.

Sigrid B. said...

This is very pretty!