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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Dragon's Pride, Alexandra af Gotvik

Other people find small change stuck down the back of the sofa.

I find penwork blanks lurking in my scroll folder. This one is based on an item in the BL (cover sheet went w/ recipient), and had a gothic/secretary hand.

Blessedly, it was available for doing a scroll for Double Wars 29.

The Dragon's pride is the arts recognition for young people. I debated about trying to emphasise that the person receiving it was young, and finally decided that she merited the same kind of text that I'd write for an adult.

So this text, originally drafted by Robert de Canterbury, is similar to one I've used for people receiving arts awards in Insulae Draconis. You can tailor it a bit for the recipient.

The recipient came up with her dad and he translated most of the proceedings, and everyone seemed happy with the result.

Text reads:

Make known our royal will
Forasmuch as Artisans Artificers Scholars Craftsmen Cooks Hatters Hosiers Dyers Weavers Broiderers Silkwomen Taylors and all others of fruitfull and creative profession are greatly necessary to the prosperity of our realm;
And that the increase of craft mysteries and secrets amongst the aforesaid Artisans et Alia being likewyse necessary to their continuance;
Vitus et Isabel, dread king and gracious queen of Drachenwald do require our Order of the Dragon's Pride to admit Alexandra af Gotvik as a member of they aforesaid Order;
that the said Alexandra may lawfully share the mysteries & secrets of her arts under the laws articles & customs of the Order;
Done by our hands this VJ day of May as XLI in our host at Double Wars in Attemark.

Calligraphy by Genevieve la flechiere
Illumination by Lady Arianhwy Wen
Text wording drafted by Robert of Canterbury, after 15th c London guild documents


eliza1979 said...

hi could you please let me know what materials you used for the initial?

Genevieve la flechiere said...

Greetings - I the initial was work of HE Arianhwy Wen, who I believe uses gouache and commercial ink.