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Monday, July 04, 2016

PCS for Marie de Monte

Receiving the Popular Company of Sojourners is a mixed blessing in Drachenwald.

It's the recognition that you've contributed to the kingdom, and that people around you value your presence and participation.

It's also the award given for those people who are leaving the kingdom.

Because Drachenwald was founded by travellers from other lands, the Crown gives them the PCS, modelled on the US service families' 'Permanent Change of Station', which was at one time a common occurrence.

My home shire of Thamesreach remains a transient place. People come through the city of London for lots of reasons - work, school, European walkabout, and eventually, often have to keep going.

Recently a fine lady and craftswoman, originally from An Tir, Marie de Monte, spent almost 2 years in our shire, and we'll miss her very much.

At Coronet, TRM convened a very brief court in the 'low hall' where many folks of Thamesreach were dining to present Marie with her PCS token. Appropriate shire members were dragged in from the kitchen in to witness, including the recipient.

It had been a long, full day in the kitchens for many folks, including Marie. When she received the token, she said, 'Wow, it's stripy like my socks!' which is the first time I've heard someone remark on its design in such a way. Indeed the badge has 'stripes' of barry wavy in it.

So some of the text of this writ (which I did shortly after the event, so Marie could take it with her) is squeezed into a foot-shape below the stripes...and it says in tiny letters 'Sicut pedules striatos' which is (Google-)Latin for 'stripy like my socks'.

It's on parchment, about 9x14cm, so needs trimming for framing. The ink is my own, plus gouache and commercial ink for the initial and redwork.

Main body of the text, with sigils from Vitus Polonius and Isabel Peregrinus:

PCS for Marie de Monte: text only

Finished piece, with badge that is 'stripy like my socks', and date and event fitted into a foot-ish shape.

PCS for Marie de Monte

Text is one developed by Robert de Canterbury for PCS.

To all present & to come Ys presentes lres reding hering or seeing know by writ and fiat of Yr majesties of drachenwald yt Marie de Monte  is honourably admitted, renowned, accounted, numbered and received in ye number and in ye Popular company of sojourners entitled and enjoyned to bear ye token of armes thereof, viz - Barry wavy Ar et Az Flaunched Vert;  & is ordained and assigned of All rights, duties, & Customary obligations pertaining to that Company. Loquere mirabilibus ultra mare.

Sicut pedules striatos

done by o(ur) hands xxviij May LI at Buckden Palace

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