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Friday, August 25, 2017

Order of the Panache: Baroness Rikissa Apilgaard

A great charter that gives history and background to an order:  that’s more interesting than just saying ‘all the rights and privileges’ isn’t it? 

I think so.  So I set out to write a writ for the lovely Baroness Rikissa that sets out what the Order of the Panache is and why she ought to be a part of it.
Order of the Panache:  Writ for Baroness Rikissa Apilgaard

So I set about using my favourite 100% rag paper, Strathmore Bristol 400, and my favourite ink, Blot’s Iron Gall Ink, and my favourite reed pen; and I started writing in one of my favourite Latin scripts:  Gothic textura quadrata.  My aim was to write something 16th Century, so in addition to using rag paper and iron gall ink, I used an exemplar who would give me some nice capitals (I used his capital U unchanged save for the addition of a little black dragon), but also nice versals for what we now think of as capital letters.  I used the excellent Gregorius Bock, with the addition (for emphasis) of a script  from 
the Opera di Frate Vespasiano Amphiareo da Ferrara of 1554 that I call ‘dot-matrix Gothic’:  a hand with very few lines and just the distinctive diamond-shaped pen strokes that usually just start and finish textura quadrata minims.  

What astonished me was that as I kept writing, the writ kept moving further and further down the page, taking up more and more space.  So I kept writing until the page was full.  I then folded the bottom up (covering my own signature) so that it could be sealed.  This is why there is more white space at the top of the page than at the bottom (the white space at the top needs trimming, but I think the king and queen endorsed it there).

I sealed it at the event (using a cord in my household's colours).  Apologies for not photographing it with the seal.

The text follows, with all abbreviations expanded:

Unto the dukes, earls, bishops, barons, nobles and the gentles of the kingdome of Drakenweald do William and Isabetta by right of arms lawful king and queen of Drachenwald, suzerains over the Isles and the North Mark, overlords of the Knight’s Crossing and the Forest Primeval, rulers of all the lands to the east of the Ocean Sea send good greeting.   
Forasmuch as our royal ancestors Prince Jahn and Princess Turien of blessed memory, during the reign of Gavin the King and Tamora the Queen of the great and ancient Laurel Kingdom of the East in the xviiijo year of the Society instituted a worshipful celebrated company which raiseth the noble artists and artisans of this realm who excel head and shoulders above the others, and who have attained an exalted degree of skill and scholarship which maketh their works higher and better than those works of others,
And forasmuch as the xo chapter of the lawes of this Realm establisheth this selfsame company for those who have distinguished themselves by long and consistent excellence in the arts and who have likewise constantly made their expertise available to the various members of the Kingdom,  
And forasmuch as of old our forbears the rulers of this kingdome have been royal patrons and sovereigns over this order and have maintained the same company in honour and have exalted and raised it up and granted unto it privileges and liveries and bearings of honour,  
And forasmuch as the companions of this order have since that day maintained this our kingdom in glory and honour with grace and beauty aplenty,
And forasmuch as each member of this company is ensigned and marked for their excellence by feathers of geules and or and sable, likewise to the tinctures of our right royal coat of armes, which feathers are to be affixed by a roundel of reid called torteau which hath within it a golden bezant through which is pierced a pellet of sable, and these feathers and this roundel are together called the pinnash or otherwise pennacchio which is to say a little wing, 
And forasmuch as in law and in equity this company is called after this ensign the right noble Order of the Pinnash, an order of nobility in our Realm of Drakenweald these many years past,
And forasmuch as numerous of our subjects, nobles of our court, hath communicated to us in many wise that notwithstanding the excellence and ensample of this company of the Pinnash there is one who is not now a companion of the order aforesaid, but who nonetheless is shewn to be equal of the companions of the order aforesaid in honour, in grace, in standing and in skill, 
And forasmuch as is our will to grant honour where honour is due and justice where justice is meet, as in holy writ scripsit, thus shal be done to the one whom the king delighteth to honour,
And forasmuch as our right honourable cousin and welbeloved friend the most excellent Baroness Rikissa Apilgaard, lately Baroness of Aarnimetsä, companion of the Dragon’s Bowle these many years past, is known to us and our court for that her raiment is alwaies tylered, cut, sewn and fashioned of the best, and for that she is a greate scholar of the cutting of the cote and the tylering of the gown, and that she will alwaies glady teche of her great learning to all those who would learn.  
Therefore by these presents do we the aforesaid sovereigns of Drakenweald constitute and appoint the same Baroness Rikissa Apilgaard to be a companion of the right noble Order of the Pinnash from this day forward so long as she shall live, and we do command her to bear the ensign of the order upon her bodie that all may know her for a companion of this Order forever and aye. 
We the aforesaid William and Isabetta call to witness this act all those nobles who attend us at the Double Wars:  the Lady Linnet Swartdraken, the Countess Cecelia Seneschale, Dame Ailitha Chancellor, and the Lady Tova Seneschale, which act is done this present Moneth of May in the lijo year of the Society sitting in state in the land of Attemark. 
Authored and Scrivened by Lyonet de Covenham

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