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Friday, June 15, 2007

Pergamenata, ames lettering guides, gold leaf stuff

Oki doki gang...

In lieu of real parchment I am currently in discussion with a Fedrigoni distributor here in switzerland for Pergamenata papers.

I hope to get a decent price on bulk purchases. This paper generally comes in sheets of 70x100 ( cm) and theer are two colours white and cream along with 4 weights, 90 110 160 230 g/m

The fischer paper company will probably send me samples ( I hope) and a price list. The more paper we buy at one time the better the price will be. This means ...if this works... that I can bring paper to events to be distributed to scribes or cut down and mailed. The big question is this, while I get a small allowance to signet / scribe stuff it won't cover a big order so who would like to go in on a paper order? The last time I did a price enquiery the price per sheet for an order under 250 sheets ( I think) was 5, euros - remember this is a BIG sheet of paper so it can be cut down to make many scrolls.

Ames lettering guides as far as I can find can only be purchased in the US or through the US( please correct me if I am wrong) and while I can order them at a decent price ( between 2-2.50 USD/piece) from a couple of places I can only get them sent to a US address so some help on this front is required. I woudl prefer to order around 25 in one go as theer is a lot of call for these little beasts.

Gold and gilding supplies.

Boesner has a GREAT selection of this stuff. I will see if we can go to a Boesner in August when we head up to Niebelungen.

However- for the simple gilding that Ailitha does all you need is;

Morter and pestle for mixing this stuff...

Gum Arabic - apotheke or boesner carries this and it is not expensive.
Distilled water - grocery shop/ gas station have this is abundance.
brown sugar - also easy to find. Or bug one of the wonderful Americans who have base access to get real fine brown cane sugar. The boxes of sugar are not expensive and last a VERY longtime if you don't use it to make chocolate chip cookies like I do.

for making gesso sottile Boesner carries various chalks and alabaster plaster, fish, rabbit, bone glue pellets, white pigment powder. ( you can buy honey any place)I have not yet made my own gesso sottile because I buy a finished just add water mix from Iconofile ( it works beautifully and I don't have to fuss about making my own)But it is always nice to know how to do it and for the really gung ho among us you can buy regular plaster powder and slake it yourself if you want to...

I just bought a box of Bolognese chalk and various animal glue pellets to try this out....am willing to share.

Gold leaf is a bit trickier and I buy mine at boesner. I will look into better places to buy gold leaf in bulk.I knowthere is a gold leaf supplier in Germany so I will take a look and get back to you all.

The Biggest thing of all that I think scribes will have to find on their own because they are costly is a burnisher. You can use tumbled/ polished stones but beware because they often have unseen burrs that can tear up your gold. If you really want to do the gilding right, buy a good burnisher.

so I am just waiting to hear back from the paper people and will let you know.

Just as an aside Boesner does mail order online ....

more later...


Racaire said...

I have a little money left and I am thinking about buying some equipment for gilding at boesner - do you have maybe a "shopping list" for must haves + name and company of the product?
(buying my first inks for my first scroll was a little bit like hell, because there are so many possibilities)

Merlyn Gabriel said...

Hi Racaire.

A must have is a burnisher. It looks like a little foot or 'L'. and gold transfer gold 23 Kt is good.

Boesner only has one brand of gold and a small selection of burnishers.

I have the one that is form 27 -netto 24,99€

Blatt gold
transfer dukaten doppelgold 23k ( 25 blatt 25x25) - 27.13€

but you can choose a different gold if you like there are several sorts in the 23-24karat range.I woudl suggest looking in the boesner catalogue.

transfer gold is the gold that is 'stuck' on little sheets of glassing like papers, you can cut it and shape it and it is a LOT easier for beginners to work with.

For gesso there are a bunch of different options but I reccomend for beginners the gummi arabic gesso.
Now you can buy gummi arabicum powder at an apotheke ( you don't need much)You can also get it from Boesner in two sizes ( 500g and 1,000g) trust me you don't need this much).
brown sugar ( cane sugar)
distilled water
and a colouring agent for the gesso ( I use a tiny amount of red gouache)

for more detailed instructions see the essay on gold leaf that Ailitha wrote on the blog.

If you want to try this stuff out with out spending a small fortune let me know I can probably put a small kit together for you and mail it.

A small amount of gummi arabicum, a couple of sheets of gold. We are planning to do this for scribes anyway. You will need a good burnisher though.

let me know.