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Thursday, June 14, 2007

newest project

After I drolled over my beautiful Panach Scroll from Bridget (thank you, thank you , thank you...), I decided that I had to work on my shading very hard. And here is what I produced last tuesday! It's the initial of a backlogg PCS, let me know what you think!!!


Bridget said...

I love this boat and your shading is really nice here.


I think that we should all poke Racaire to give a class on how she does her shading because she is really good at it!

Racaire said...

Very lovely!

@bridget: I don't think that my shading is really as good as you think :*

Camele0pard said...

I'm really impressed by the shading on the sail. And I would LOVE a class on shading.

Merlyn Gabriel said...

@Racaire, yes it is... woudl you be interested is doing a short step by step picture show of how you do your shading?

that is take a picture or scan in each step of how you actually shade in an image?

Anna said...

Lovely, I very much like the ship and how it comes out of the paper. Real cool!