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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

some more stuff

Thanks to all scribes who showed up at Coronation, the beautiful weather and setting made an indoor scriptorium sort of quiet so I know there wasn't much action!

For the Dutch amongst us Boesner is now in Amsterdam
boesner in Amsterdam

For the book binders among us Boesner carries a great selection of book binding supplies.

For those who were looking müllers ( the flat glass on glass ones) and a morter and pestle among other things, they can also be found atBoesner for good prices.

Also alabaster plaster, high quality chalk for making gesso, all sorts of skin/fish/ and bone glue pellets along with inks and so on... you get the picture.

and finally there is nothing to stop anyone holding a scriptorium at any event ( autocrat dependant of course) The definition of scriptorium is a place to sit down and do scribal minded things hopefully with other scribal minded people. So if this is somehing people like to do then perhaps it might be cool to ask when ever possible that a space be set aside for scribes at events. - just a thought.


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Ailitha said...

I can only aggree on Bridget's last comment! I set up a scriptorium 3 times during Double Wars and I got so much nice response! Thank you guys who have been there and scribbaled away with me! There are actually pics showing how hard we worked :-), I think Lia has some!

What was really usefull especially for newbees at calligraphy and illumination was to have some little things prepared. In my case I had some bookmarks with me I had drawn and partially gilded. People loved to paint them and they are easily prepared!