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Saturday, January 30, 2010


a blog space for the Kingdom signets to post announcements on.

Because this blog is meant to be a scriptorium and not really a bulletin board I thought it might be ideal to give our kingdom signets a place to post announcements only.

You can find it here.


Only kingdom / principality signets will have contributor status but unless I get told otherwise posting comments will be left open ( so that we can ask questions etc...)

I will remind the populace that these blogs are wide open to the realworld so don't post scroll orders or recipient names on them.

If you are a kingdom signet and you want access drop me an email ( I already sent out invites to Trin and Genevieve but I don't have a contact address for the Nordmark signet.

This way we can keep all kingdom scribal announcements in one place without unrelated posts in between and the announcements will be a lot easier to track.

any suggestions comments or what evers can be flung at me via the ethereal mail network...



Lia de Thornegge said...

I'm confused, doesn't the email list perform this task most excellently already? I don't see the point of adding another blog just for announcements from signets in Drachenwald. In my opinion another website I have to remember to check if I want to be active is a step down from an email list where I receive all the important announcements directly into my inbox.

Merlyn Gabriel said...

no need to be confused. It's just a separate site for announcements only so they don't start clogging up the srciptorium blog. You don't have to subscribe to it or even read it, but I see a trend in the scribe blog being used more and more for kingdom announcements and that was never its intended purpose.

I am sure the various signets will continue to use the email lists as well and if they choose not to use the announceent blog in addition to the lists that's fine.It can be deleted if it's useless.

If you don't want to check the announcement site, you don't have to but I wanted to clear this dragon's blog of kingdom announcements as it's not actually meant for that purpose but lately I see more of that sort of traffic on it and it's not actually offcially part of the kingdom web site either.