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Monday, January 25, 2010

taking on the ID signet job, and call for scroll blanks

(x-posted to Dragon scribes, and NottheIML lists)

Greetings fellow scribes, from Genevieve la flechiere,

I write, with Lady Trinite's blessing, to tell you that I'm taking over the role of the ID signet, from the long-serving hands of Lord Robin Bowman.

Early in the crown principality period, Robin saw a job that needed doing, and stepped forward to do it. He's kept excellent records, and has made it easy to pick up, and I'm very thankful for his hard work.

There are a very small number of backlog scrolls outstanding from the crown principality period, thanks largely to the work of Lord Robin, Lady Trinite, and Lady Melisende.

I'll be fielding scrolls requests and assignments for the coming prince and princess of Insulae Draconis.

If you are a scribe looking for assignments I have:

- two backlogs for the company of merit for prowess in arts martial (now Order of the Fox, but when given still a company)

- two backlogs for company of merit for artists and scientists

- one backlog for Order of Ffraid

More details upon application!

If you are an artist looking to doodle:

the last viceroy and vicereine would be most delighted to present scroll blanks to the first prince and princess.

If every active scribe in ID does just one blank, TG Alaric and Nerissa could enable the first prince and princess to act quickly and justly to recognise worthy members of the principality.

AND: if you're interested in scribing in ID, but don't know where to start, please feel free to contact me, and I'll give you what direction I can. I'm a much better calligrapher than illuminator, but I can point you to books, websites and online shops (ah, shopping...)

I'll endeavour to arrange scriptoriums at the events I attend in coming months, and can beat the bushes for people to help teach.

Good cousins, I'm quite excited at starting this new role, and will gladly bend your ear about it at coming events.



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Merlyn Gabriel said...

yay, congratulations and good luck. I am sure you will do a fabulous job!