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Friday, December 30, 2011

InterKingdom Scribal Exchange

This year, I decided it would be fun to participate in the exchanges that went around on the Known World mailing list, and so I signed up Drachenwald for the Interkingdom Exchange.  Drachenwald was paired with Caid to complete our project which was 6 Callig'd scrolls and 6 Illuminated Scroll blanks that would eventually end up as finished scrolls in Trimaris.  So far Drachenwald has participated in the first half of the great Exchange.  I was very proud of those scribes that sent me their works to pass on!  So admiration must be poared out upon Aryanhwy, Arianrhod, Ylandra, Edward de Cantia, I even did a few myself.  I do apologize for the photo quality of a few of them, my camera was uncooperative.





Edward de Cantia:

And finally me, Saraswati:

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