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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Taking a big step+ help needed

Hoi o/

I an just taking a big step. I ordered gold leaf and I an determined to at least try gilding. I just need few answers... what kind of glue/adhersive you use?

I am also going to order more pergamanata (as I now finally have money xD). Can you recommend a online shop that delivers to Finland and is in English/Swedish/Finnish? I already visited one german site, but my skills sucks (have not been using/studing for ages) and I could not understand anything xD

Best wishes
~Amal Al-Chania


Anonymous said...

wherever sold you the leaf should also be able to supply gold size - you get a tin that lasts forever

Ailitha said...

Hi Amal,

the way I gild and my recepy for the gesso/glue you can find on this blog if you go to the archive and all the way down to march 2007 (that was the first march this blog existed) right in the beginning there you find the article. Hope this helps! Good luck and keep us updated!