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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Scroll for Lord Náttfari Garðarsson

Viking age scroll/diploma for Lord Nattfári
Ink on 250mg watercolorpaper
Border design is from Swedish runestone
Border is (my own interpretation) Glymdrápa , a skaldic poem composed by Þorbjörn hornklofi toward the end of the 9th century :

Hilmir réð á heiði,
hjaldrseiðs, þrimu, galdra
óðr við œskimeiða
ey vébrautar, heyja,
áðr gnapsólar Gripnis
gnýstœrandi fœri
rausnarsamr til rimmu
ríðviggs lagar skíðum

I wanted to make something simple and in my opinion this design works better without colors. I was going to add some real gold, but I was too scared to ruin it (I actually tried gilding 1st time today...and failed XD)

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