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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Another Court Barony/Grant of Arms

I said on the mailing list I would post another text. This time I did not write it myself, but had help from Mistress Alys Mackyntoch from the East Kingdom. She crafted the text, I took out a couple of words, and made up the writ which is with Sven and Siobhan for later distribution.

This text is suitable for a founding Baron/Baroness but could of course be altered for other purposes.

The most excellent prince and lord, Sven, by grace most illustrious king of Drachenwald, and Siobhan, his Queen, to all and sundry the lords of the realm and the great men of the kingdom, earls, barons, freeholders and peers, greetings.  Whereas, for such a long time that there is no recollection to the contrary, the kings and queens of Drachenwald have, by ancient, customary and laudable usage possessed the right of presentation of diverse honors, emblems and endowments to those subjects who have, by their valor, labors, bearing and loyalty, proven themselves to be worthy servants of the Crown and the Kingdom; and Whereas, Clemens de Gey has demonstrated exemplary service in matters touching upon the good weal of the Realm, most especially his diligent and careful labors as Founding Baron of Gotvik; Therefore, by our singular royal authority be it now advised, concluded, delivered and enacted that the aforesaid Clemens shall now and at all times henceforth hold the title, estate and status of a Baron of Our Court, with all of the emblems and signs and honors appertaining thereto; and we do further grant to the aforesaid Clemens arms, and instruct him to consult with our heralds to determine such arms as are meet, just and fitting for his new station.  In witness of all and sundry of which things aforestated, we set our signatures and seal upon the ___ day of ___, in _________________.

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