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Friday, June 22, 2012

Admin stuff and a hullo

Hi gang!
Normally this blog is not used for this kind of thing but since it's my blog and it reaches a lot of people I'm  breaking my own rules! I'm such a rebel erm dark side scribe....

Okay so as some of you know as of this weekend past I took over the job of Kingdom Signet Clerk. Some of you may know me from the past when I held the office from before for 4 years but I see we also have some new faces here so hi my name is Bridget, I live in the Shire of Aventiure ( near Lübeck North Germany, and I have been in the SCA for 27 years. Drachenwald is my 3rd Kingdom and I don't plan on living anywhere else. I've been a scribe for as long as I have been in DW and I was apprenticed to one of the great scribes in the East Kingdom, Master Harold von Auerbach until I was released from my indenture to graduate to the level of Laurel. I love the scribal arts, I really enjoy being signet and if I can help in anyway to foster and encourage new scribes I will. I don't bite but I also don't read minds so if something is on yours  about me, the job, the scrolls or whatever you'll need to use your words.

Here is how I usually do things:

Generally scroll assignment postings will be listed over the dragon scribes yahoo group ( as in I have X amount of work and who wants it). Assignments are given out on a 1st come 1st served / skill based basis unless I know for sure that scribe X wants to do a scroll for person Y. Please bear in mind that I do not know who you all know so if there is a particular person you really want to do work for you will need to tell me. ( If a scroll ever comes up for person Y I want to do it) usually works well enough.

New scribes wishing to do work for the kingdom need to contact me. I need to see a sample or two of your work and I can send you the kingdom standards and whatever help you may need. The Yahoo email list is the official kingdom scribal list and the Dragon's blog is the unofficial virtual scriptorium. I run both so if you want to join come talk to me ( or email). There are a couple of facebook pages as well but the only two site I consider official in any way are the ones listed above. I will do most of my communication over the email list and here or through private emails. Not everyone is on facebook but I think almost all the kingdom scribes are on the yahoo list and as the blog is open to world viewing everyone can read it.

It is great that scrolls get done on time for the planned event but as I know this is not always possible I just expect the scribe to let me know that the scroll will be late. This is a volunteer run group and while I think it is amazing that we all produce these beautiful works of art for free I try not to let expectation get ahead of the fact that this is all volunteer work and a hobby. Sometimes things just happen. If you take an assignment I expect it to be done. If you can't do it let me know and I will take care of it.

I don't get to attend many events at the moment but I am very available through email, or the blog, or facebook for those that are there on the linked facebook page to the blog. The FB dragon scribes group is not run by me and is also not official so please do not post assignment questions there or anywhere public for that matter. We become the keeper of great secrets when we become scribes...

I am here as Signet to help facilitate scrolls for the kingdom and taking care of the Kingdom scribes. So with that being said I truly look forward to working with you all and I hope that the next two years will be tons of fun!

Bridget, Kingdom Signet Clerk.

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