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Friday, June 22, 2012

Trying to recover

As some of you know, I lost most of the use of my right (scrivening) arm for about 6 weeks, and it's still not right yet.  I'm slowly working on getting functionality back.

I'm doing a few scrolls because I can put them down after 45 minutes or so.  I can't do many hands, but the one shown here, a cursive battarda, is one I can do with minimal pain.  It's Lord Matthewe Baker's Lindquistringes, and I despaired of it right up to the final inking stage, when all of a sudden it passed the arm's length test.

I would be interested in any recovery tips any of you have. What hands do you find stress the hand and arm least?  I'm tempted to think "anything I can do quickly." (If you want to Google, on top of my normal disability, I have thoracic outlet syndrome ((TL;DR--my shoulder is FUBAR, and it's taken it out on my arm)).  I do stretches and arm and shoulder rolls, but can't do a lot, or it starts seizing.  I have a hot water bottle (in shape of a moose) that I use when the shoulder starts to seize.
FWIW, I'm aware of the Latin error.  I can only blame the massive amounts of painkillers and stuff I have to take to get to the art board.  I'm mostly pleased with how the gold came out, though--I think I've just about cracked how to use the water gold size.



Merlyn said...

from here this is beautiful!

Trinite Ducalon said...

This truly is lovely! I think you are doing well in coping. Me, I can't see enough detail anymore. I find it frustrating and disheartening and stop every piece I start because it is all so darned fuzzy. Good luck!

Lena the Red said...

Its lovely. My "easy" hand is Uncial, but the appropriate illumination would more than make up for the ease of the hand. My only real rehab hint is "little and often" - both for the exercises and for work. Do something, stop before you have to, rest, do something (preferably something different), stop before you have to, etc.

Crystal aka Jaquelinne said...

Stunning work, particularly knowing it was under duress. I find that the best hand to do when hurting is whatever one you are most proficient and confident with. Squeeze a stress ball or wad of paper towels in your offhand; this can help ease tension in your working hand. Not sure if this will ease any shoulder issues but might be worth a try? Rest and stretch often, and good luck!

Ari said...

Lena--I always leave huge piles of washing up for when I'm calligging--then I take breaks and immerse my hands in the water and stretch them. Stopping BEFORE I have to is something I'm quite rubbish at, esp. if I'm painting and the paint's the right thickness NOW.

Crystal--actually, I find that recently I've been applying gold size with the bottle in my off hand, and have some paper towelling in the offhand when I callig, and sometimes when I paint. My brain told me it was for ease of dipping/blotting, but I wonder if my hands were subconsciously as wise as you are? I'll try increasing the wad and see if it helps.

Thanks to all.


Merlyn said...

I have no easy hand...so I am a tad envious of you guys who do! :P