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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

2-4 November: Maerlant's World

Right now, Bertrik and I are distracted from actual scribal work by planning an event inspired by Jacob van Maerlant, that will include some cool scribal stuff!

Jacob van Maerlant, popularly known as "father of all Dutch poets" was a Dutch scholar and poet of the 13th century (1230/1300). His works include all of world history, instructions on how to capture an elephant (by sending naked virgins singing into the woods), a treaty on how to be a good ruler and much more, all written in Dutch.

We are planning to have scribes tables at the event (one for the adults and one for the kids) for working with some of the beautiful illuminations from manuscripts of Maerlants work, and a short talk on Maerlants life and work.

Bertrik will make paint and gesso at the event, and we'll have some goldleaf for people to try (and probably some fake leaf for the kids). We're also working on handouts and examples based on two manuscripts for people to work on at different levels (color in an outlined illumination, practice lots of whitework or capital letters, copy an entire page or design your own based on the elements taken from the manuscripts), with some background on the manuscripts and the texts.

These are the manuscripts we're working from:
A bestiary (manuscript from around 1350):

Biblical history (manuscript from 1332):

So, if this sounds like fun, we'd love to have lots of scribes join us!

For more information and reservations:


Two illuminated pages from the Rijmbijbel

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