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Wednesday, October 10, 2012



Bertrik and I have been doing scribal stuff quietly in our little corner of the world for a few years, but we think it would be nice to show some of what we've done to the other scribes in the kingdom. 

Also, we're planning to do cool scribal stuff at our next event (Maerlant's World), and we think the Dragon Scribes ought to know about it, so that will be my next post :)

We get together sort of regularly, and have been experimenting with making paint and gesso (or to be fair, Bertrik experiments and I use up what he makes...).

Most of the time we work on our Big Project: The Polderslot History Book. It was started over 10 years ago when Queen Eanor called for the histories of the shires to be written. We got the text written and the pages layed out, and some actual writing and illuminating done, and then it gathered dust for a long time due to being a far too ambitious undertaking. In the last few years we've worked on it again, making slow but sure progress and we've done a few scroll blanks from time to time.

You can read about what we've been up to here:  http://polderslotilluminatie.blogspot.nl/ 

Hannah of Hanecnolle

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Merlyn said...

wow this is fabulous, I will add the link to the side bar.