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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Admin stuff

Greetings Scribes

We have a few new faces on the blog, welcome to you all. I try to keep the list of contributors to those who are currently living in this kingdom and who actually contribute to the blog. I will weed through the lists usually once a year or so and remove any member that doesn't actually post as blogger has a limit of how many contributors we can have and while we have not yet met that I like to keep things active.

As you can see I have made sure that ALL the current signet positions that I know about are listed on this side bar, in trying to encourage greater "togetherness" for all the kingdom's scribes and signets I think it's good to know how to reach the signet from not only the kingdom but the principalities and the baronies.

www.dragonscribes.net is being worked on.
There is a dragon scribes wiki please join up and use it. I know it seems a bit daunting at first to edit etc... but it's really not so hard and the more people who contribute the greater our information base will be. 

I added a "search" box ( top right hand side bar) so when you want to look for specific topics you can use this. It actually works quite well. Clever Google.

Some new links were added to the "places to learn" list and I am happy to add more if anyone has a specific place they like to go to for information etc...

This goes for shops as well, online shops change so please let me know if you have a new favourite.

And for Scribe's galleries, however please remember that not everyone has a facebook acct so if your gallery is on facebook and you want me to link to it it will need to be set to public. 

There are a few facebook groups for scribes on the go, a Drachenwald specific one and an SCA one both are fun and the page that is linked to this one which is more about  promotion etc.... Feel free to join up and converse. 

This space is designed for showing off your work and giving as well as receiving feedback so don't be afraid to ask and show and tell. It's also a really great place for teaching tools so if people have PDFs they wish to share I am happy to also post a link or upload and link to any you have to offer. The more we can share the better we will be as a community.

Lastly remember to have fun!!


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