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Sunday, October 14, 2012

begin at the beginning

I get asked a lot "How do I start illumination?" and the simple answer is you just start. You pick something that inspires you from the massive catalogue of medieval art of and you copy it. However it's not really quite that easy and there are three books I love to give out, recommend and share for the beginning illuminator simply because they are straight forward and easy to follow.

1:  Paint Your Own Illuminated Letters  By Stefan Oliver

2: Illumination for Calligraphers: The Complete Guide for the Ambitious Calligrapher by Marie Lynskey

3: Illuminated Lettering (A beginner's art guide)   By Marie Lynskey

These three books which can usually be found through Amazon at a good price 2nd hand are invaluable starters. I still use them to this day for a variety of things. 

These are not calligraphy books but concentrate on Illumination, various styles ranging from Celtic through to late Italian.  If you are an illuminator just starting out and asking questions these books will help you get going, they will talk to you about paints, colour charts, basic heraldry, how to draw out the designs and so on. They talk about brushes and techniques for painting as well as laying gold leaf and making gesso.

When I am asked to recommend beginner's level how to books these are the three I instantly think of because they helped me get started and I still use them to this day.

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