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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Admin stuff

This blog has been open since Wednesday, November 08, 2006. Wow.


New PDFs added under "Class notes and how to's" If you have any class PDFs you'd like to see added please send me the link.

Cleaned up the Wiki and moved the link for now to class notes. We were hacked and had a redirect added ( now removed ) and had to clear through the nearly 300 fake users. If you were a legit user and had your account removed then please sign up again.

In the wiki I removed all the titles from the "meet the scribes" listing. As titles change over time it makes it a bit of work to change and do a redirect so better that we list the scribe names without titles ( you can add them to your individual page if you wish) Your pages should also now redirect to the untitled name link, please check to make sure everything is in order. 


All official Drachenwald scribal communication is either through the yahoo email list of via email to and from the signet office.  Facebook is NOT an official Drachenwald Scribe site and as not everyone is on facebook I would advise people to remember this. If you wish to convey official information to the Drachenwald Scribal community please do so through the email list.

This blog is open to any and all scribes of the kingdom of Drachenwald. It is unofficial and as blogger allows me to add only 100 contributors I weed out the inactive from time to time. Anyone can read or submit a comment so if you are not actually wanting to post anything then you do not need to be on the contributor list. If you wish to be an active contributor then email me ( address on the sidebar) and let me know what email address you wish to sign up with. Blogger sends you and invite with instructions.

Anyone wishing to become a scribe may contact the various signets for information. Their contact information can be found on the side bar.


There are two scriptoriums coming up:

Scriptorium & 30th Anniversary
16th March, West Dragonshire (England) Hosted by Lady Arianrhod, Signet of ID ( address on the side bar)

Scriptorium at Drachenwald XX Year Celebration & Coronation Hosted by Various.
19-23 June, Drachenwald (Germany)
There will be scribal relevant classes on going during this scriptorium,
anyone wishing to teach should contact Mistress Melisende Fitzwalter

any suggestions, questions or queries about this blog may be directed to  me ( see side bar)


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