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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Opinions requested, please!

During the latter stages of my 30-day challenge I've been trying to do new things:  Macclesfield initials, and working small.  I have found 3mm Gothic letters MUCH harder than 4mm Gothic letters.  I don't know why.  Also, my letters have been canting (mostly to the left, but occasionally other ways as well).  This can be mostly fixed by skewing the paper on the slope, much as I used to tilt it when I was working on the flat.

I've done three Macclesfield initials with 3mm letters.  The first is this one:

There was then another one which hasn't been awarded yet, so I can't post it.  Yesterday I did teeny tiny Celtic (2mm letters, 3mm spacing), which, again, I'm not posting yet.  Today I completed another Macclesfield:
Bearing in mind my lens seems to curve the scrolls, and that the first four lines were done unknowingly with two stacked nibs, I still like to think it's a bit better (although I've lost my ability to do aitches).

However, you have unbiased eyes, and I'd like observations, please!  Is it worth persevering?

In service,


Lia de Thornegge said...

I can see definite improvement from the first and the latest text. In the first the letters lean a little all over the scale, and some letters are of an uneven height. In the last example your angles are -much- more even and the letter-height is much more even. I think these two images are an excellent show-and-tell of how practice really does help. I say Hurray! to you, and I'm sure with more practice even more consistency can be achieved.

Genevieve la flechiere said...

I can see improvement, not so much in individual letters as the overall look when I flip from one to the other. I'd call it 'crisper' and more uniform. That practice thing really does work!

Small letters take small movements and it's easy to tense up doing fine work generally.

If you're finding yourself tensing up, set a timer to ring every few mins to remind you to relax, stretch your fingers and hand and shoulder.

The initials are great :-). I love these guys and haven't had the nerve to try them yet myself. Would love to hear your steps of approaching them at the scriptorium.