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Monday, October 07, 2013

A fox for the duchessa

Their highnesses Duncan and Eibhilin invested Duchessa Alessandre Melusine into their Order of the Fox this weekend, in recognition of the many years she has supported the arts of war as minister of the lists, enabling fighters to train and compete without worrying about who was looking after the tournament list.

I used a blank recommended by Lady Arianhwy Wen from the signet's selection, by her hand, that had figures on it fighting in the bas de page, very suitable for a Fox recipient.

I calligraphed this and the hedgepig scroll back to back, so the hand is effectively the same: Bodley MS 264.

The text is adapted by Master Robert, Caversham herald. It's apt because West Dragon'shire is the only shire in the kingdom that has a justice of the peace, Earl Paul de Gorey, so her Grace has someone to 'set herself under' as instructed.


Unto our fathful servant Alessandre Melusine do Duncan & Eibhilin prince and princess of Insulae Draconis greet you well in grace & peace.
Know ye that whereas the defence of our lands & keeping of ye peace is foremost in our concerns and being mindful of our coronation oaths We Duncan and Eibhilin aforementioned prince & princess hereby increase our Order of the Fox by addition of Alessandre Melusine to their number charging her Grace to continue in her support of our host under arms in tournaments an, on the field of honour and in the lists. We further charge her to set herself under any justice of the peace of her shire in such matters as are lawful just and necessary.
Done by our hand this V day of October anno sociotatis [48] at Crown tourney beneath ye walls of Caerphilli.


Ari said...

Oh yeah. It was a U, not an N. Teach me to remember my own work...

Quill again? Letters look very crisp!

Genevieve la flechiere said...

Yes, another quill. Quite pleased with it.

Merlyn said...

soon you will be giving us classes on this subject!