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Monday, October 07, 2013

Two illuminations done in the field (Dragon's Tears)

The first one had a lot of gold on it.  When laying gold in the field, I recommend doing it well away from the fire, as the invisible particulates mate with the glue and make your size less sticky!

So then I decided to do one without gold.  The intent was to finish both Tears at Raglan, but then I hit both mental and physical exhaustion.  So I did the border (quite quickly), and later started the calligraphy.  I got as far as "Sven" and realised it wasn't going to happen.  Thus, Sven was written a couple of weeks before the rest, and is correspondingly darker (iron gall ink).

I always, always forget that Caroline comes out looking much bigger than any other hand at my default 3mm/5mm spacing, and the lettering was a bit too big.  Which is a shame, as I think the border is very pleasing, for all it was done in the field.

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Merlyn said...

love the white work and the calligraphy!