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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Redeeming a scroll


This Coronet past I did a Fox for Constanza of Thamesreach, based on this initial here .  It started out badly:  the gilding was poor; for the first two lines of callig the ink and nib would NOT cooperate.  But then it got better and the calligraphy turned out very well, as did the sheep.  So I spent an hour with the scalpel and got it back to pasing the arm's-length test.

I made it landscape instead of portrait for focus reasons.  I wanted people to see the initial and then the sheepie as an after-reaction, which was succesful.  I used silver paint instead of silver leaf because of time constraints and because of the tarnish factor.  I think this was the wrong choice, sadly.

The hand looks like pretty standard Caroline, but the Rs and Ss look transitional from insular minuscule.

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