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Friday, December 19, 2014

Great manuscript blogs and tweets

I've been a fan of the British Library for years. I'm very impressed by their digital presence with  new books now available blogs and tweets too.

Through Twitter I've found nifty other blogs and tweeters:

My new favourite, though, is someone who draws on the French national library a lot:

Today's tweet from Jesse made me deeply happy: there's something about the style, the colour and the fineness of execution of this Romanesque C that warms my heart just looking at this image:
Graduale cisterciense.
Link to original: Graduale cisterciense. XIIe s. (3e quart, avant 1174)

If there are more sources of good commentary, images and manuscript geekiness you love, please leave a comment!

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Merlyn said...

a most excellent list, thank you for sharing!