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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Cheapest and cheerful-est guide to calligraphy I've found

I had the happy chance to visit Cornelissen & Sons art supplies this week.

This week I found a gem: a small guide to calligraphy written by William Michell Calligraphy, just 12 pages long. Mistress Bridget had shared pages of it with me before, but I'd never found the whole guide.

Reading it all I think it's the best short introduction to calligraphy in English that I've found.

There's some instructions on painting Lombardic capitals and Roman capitals 'signwriter fashion' - using a brush, not a pen, with the brush hand leaning over and supported by your off hand - which is a method I'd not seen explained really well before.

Some gaps in the text: not a lot about line heights, not a lot about layout.

But you could do a lot of calligraphy armed only with this work and a set of line height guides.

I don't know when it was written - sometime after 1925! otherwise I'm uncertain. There's no copyright date or ISBN.

It cost me £4.95.

The Wm Mitchell company has it displayed on their website, but I think this site is intended for trade, not individual shoppers.

Unfortunately I cannot find it in the Cornelissen's catalogue, but you can email them for info.

On line heights:

Scribblers.co.uk have a line-height generator, for printing out a half-page of lines at specific line heights, which is a boon. (Check your printer settings to make sure it prints as-is, and doesn't resize the page between A4 and 8.5x11".)

If you shop at Cornelissen keep your eyes open for a copy.

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