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Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Hi all.

1. there will be a scriptorium at Coronation. The room is small and cosy, if you want to play bring stuff and come and have fun.
2. There is a possible class being taught by Gabrielle de Noyers - I think it is on calligraphy but this is unconfirmed. Due to the size of the room and depending on the size of her class, we may have to leave to give her space for an hour or so.
3.I will have the back log box with me so anyone who thinks I have an old scroll of theirs should come and see me - pass the word.
4. If you have cardboard for scroll folders or perhaps an old transport case kicking around please bring it. There are quite a few awards going out and I don't have enough card stock any more to make scroll folders / protective cases.

- cheers Bridget

1 comment:

Maeva said...

Decorating cardboard covers makes a good kids activity, by the by :o)
Wish I could hop over the pond for a quick visit to your scriptorium,